An Exclusive Irish Peat Turf Burning Fire DVD


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Watch and smell an Irish Peat Turf Fire in your
Home or Office - as seen on TV

In the West of Ireland, many houses have open fires. At wintertime when you visit someone, you go through the bleak and cold landscape until you finally come into the hearth, where the warmth and magic of the fire is waiting. A peat turf fire is an ancient presence. The turf comes out of the earth and carries the memory of trees and fields and long-gone times. It evokes the image of the hearth as a place of home, a place of welcome, a place of warmth and return.

For many, these images are in the past, but now, with this unique and original DVD, you, your family and friends can experience the wonderful atmosphere and subtle comforting sounds that a real peat fire creates, whether at home or at any social occasion or gathering.

The product is made in Ireland and shipped from Ireland.
Ideal for chilling out and great for parties and get togethers too....
Turn TV blackness into a warm welcoming fire,especially in the long winter nights and no ashes to clean up the next day!

SPECIAL FEATURES DVD has been recorded to fit any TV screen. Enjoy a real Peat Turf fire as only found in Ireland. Plays from roaring start to smouldering embers. All three fires are looped to provide continuous viewing. Hear the subtle real sound of a real peat/turf fire. Works on all televisions. Enjoy this unique Irish experience. The Irish Peat Turf Fire DVD comes complete with Incense Cones. Why not order a spare one for a friend or neighbour.

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