Aqua Brush Muddy Boot Cleaner- Blue

  • Model: JK-AB-BLUE


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A unique cleaning system with clever double-action bristles. 
Whether its long country walks, mountain bike rides, gardening or a muddy game of 5-A-Side, with Aquabrush you can now avoid bringing a heap of mother nature into your car or home. 

Say Goodbye to Mud.

Rinse away mud, dirt and sand from wellies, dog paws, footy boots, trainers, bikes, carpets and much more ....

Product Description

Easy to use in 4 simple steps:

1. Fill me with water (add a little washing detergent if you like)
2. Screw the Aquabrush on the bottle firmly but don’t over tighten the seal.
3. To use, pull the head upward to open the valve.
4. Turn the bottle over and squeeze to release the water while brushing.

Remember, our bristles are tough on mud but maybe a little prickly for dog
paws and some shoe fabrics. So go easy.

Price includes postage in Ireland .

The Aquabrush will be packaged securely for posting.

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